Von Buhl Reserve brut in Gift Box

Von Buhl Reserve brut in Gift Box

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A cuvée of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay - the “mellow” sibling of the Riesling brut. The fruity notes of juicy William Christ pear, tangerine and hazelnut. A delicately creamy texture on the palate followed by a punchy but well integrated acidity and long finish.

The idea behind the Reserve Brut is that of a classic Brut without vintage, tasting as similar as possible from year to year. Our focus is on the house style rather than a single vintage. This is achieved through the selected use of various reserve wines that are stored in our cellar. These reserve wines are developed the same as our classic sparkling wines but are given significantly more time to age on the full lees; partly in wood and partly in stainless steel. This cuvée consists of many different elements, from a young matured sparkling base wine to Pinot Blanc (with and without wood), and Chardonnay (with and without wood). All in all, we end up with about two thirds Pinot Blanc and one third Chardonnay.


Non Vintage




Sparkling Wine


Weinmanufaktur Reichsrat von Buhl


Pinot Blanc & Chardonnay




12,5 %

Enthält Sulfite


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